Integrated Approach

Everything under one roof for search, display, strategy, creation and business intelligence.


A passion for performance and entirely driven to achieve maximum results for our clients.

Innovation & Technology

Innovative use of tools: we work with conversion attribution, predictive modelling and we are a Certified Partner of Google and DoubleClick.

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Performance is our 'drive'. We use our expertise to help customers with their online marketing to generate online sales and visibility..

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Business Intelligence

Searchresult has its own Business Intelligence department for innovative technological applications such as predictive data modelling, omni-channel analyses and conversion attribution. Focused on maximum return.

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Conversion optimization

How do you get maximum return on your marketing Euro? With our conversion optimisation tool OptimiSR we will uncover your 'sweet spot' for optimum budget distribution among the various marketing channels.

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Our team of interactivity designers develops display campaigns for both branding and performance purposes. Suitable for all types of advertisement: from IAB banners to rich media formats and homepage takeovers. They are as creative as they are effective!

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Display Advertising

Based on the available data we develop intelligent display campaigns, using dynamic creatives that we use to load the various propositions at product level and combine them with the right call-to-action.

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Google DoubleClick

Google DoubleClick enables organisations to convert a clear online strategy into a cohesive online approach of Display, Social, Search, CRM and other focus areas. Extremely scalable, automated and one-to-one.

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Media marketing

Search result offers you the combination of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and 100% independent premium purchasing. Fully integrated into Google Stack with direct access to all of the large national and international websites and to all of the major players in the Netherlands.

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Online strategy

Stay one step ahead of the competition at all times, with the best sustainable growth strategies from Searchresult, using results-driven, tailor-made online campaigns for each task, with as much synergy as possible between online and offline every time.

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Social Media

With our extensive knowledge of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and thanks to our authority in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO), we will ensure your social media channels connect seamlessly with every online strategy.

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Web Analytics

Searchresult has years of experience with web analytics, implementations, big-data opportunities and dashboarding. We are completely at home with Google Stack and we are a Certified Google Analytics Partner and Analytics Premium Reseller.

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Google Analytics Premium

With Google Analytics Premium Google is just taking it a step further. This is particularly interesting for (larger) parties and organisations, who want to take the next step in digital analytics. Will you be the next to benefit from this?

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Search engine advertising (SEA)

Our experienced SEA experts are in direct contact with Google and know all there is to know about Bing and AdWords. With automated processes (DoubleClick Search and our own tools) we make fast progress and more than prove our worth.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been Searchresult's 'core business' for ten years already and is a common factor with all online channels. All SEO efforts contribute to a long-term positive effect on the rankings.

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