Lenneke Loman, E-commerce Manager, on their collaboration with Searchresult:
“We have been working with Searchresult for over 3 years already in the areas of SEA and SEO. Thanks to the consultants’ pro-active approach and industry knowledge, the results have only improved over the last few years. It is a great team to work with and one that wants to improve continually.” 


DFDS Seaways is the largest ferry company in Northern Europe. The organisation operates a network of 25 routes, with 55 ships for passengers and freight.

DFDS transports over half a million passengers across the water every year from IJmuiden to Newcastle. The routes from Calais and Dunkirk to Dover are also popular routes.

The Challenge

In the summer of 2012 we took over the account from one of the top 3 companies in the Netherlands. Whereas the route to Dover is frequently an alternative to the train or plane, the route to Newcastle is also positioned as a city break, weekend away or Mini Cruise.

On this last route we are therefore also competing with anyone offering international city breaks, holidays, golfing holidays, football trips, Christmas shopping and concert trips.


The objective is to bring in the maximum number of bookings on the IJmuiden to Newcastle crossing. Since April 2013 we have also started to maximise the number of bookings on the crossing from Calais or Dunkirk to Dover.

Whereas other parties turned pale when the monthly and/or annual targets, objectives and KPIs were revealed, we were always looking forward to this moment with DFDS Seaways. Furthermore for us, DFDS is the ideal partner with regard to clear objectives and KPIs and we are happy to heap a bit more on top when we think it can be done even better (that is to say we also raise our own targets).

At the beginning of the year we will start evaluating the results from last year and decide on the next year’s targets together. Factors such as market growth, seasonality, price, competition and budget or as the case may be CPO will play an important role in this. That way we will all be on the same page for the rest of the year and as far as we are concerned that creates the perfect basis for good collaboration account management.

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Strategy and Resources

– Search engine optimisation
– Search engine advertising (Google AdWords and Bing)
– Display advertising

We use these resources to fill the funnel and boost sales. By continually making use of opportunities for remarketing strategies on search, display and similar audiences by buying TrueView Video and using Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP), we are once again making an intensive and proactive contribution to achieving the objectives in 2015.


Not only were we successful in performing better on all KPIs immediately after the start of the collaboration, but in the subsequent years, despite increasing competition from the other shipping companies, low cost airlines and other alternatives for travelling to the UK, we have still managed to continue making structural improvements.

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