Display Advertising

Whether you’re talking about SEA, display campaigns or advertising through social media; we have (Business Intelligence) knowledge and creativity including our Creation studio in-house – to attract relevant visitors to your site.

And to make them convert: to subscriptions, requests and/or direct sales.

Thanks to years of experience we know exactly how this game works.

And through close management, daily monitoring and constant optimisation of campaigns we can guarantee maximum return.

We are happy to tell you more about this below, but if you are ever in the neighbourhood, or would simply like to meet as soon as possible, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Target-group-relevant one-to-one communication

From awareness and engagement up to and including the actual point of conversion. Based on available data, we develop relevant, stimulating and distinctive advertisements.

With a real-time focus on the specific needs of the consumer at that point in time, we then load the various propositions automatically at product level, ensuring they are compatible with and responsive to all screens and channels.

Display Approach

1. Successful display campaigns start with concepting. Using the ATL criteria and the other brand and/or campaign-related requirements, we attune all creatives to each other using storytelling (IAB sets, rich media, video ads, mobile creatives and Facebook ads).

2. Based on a phased approach (the touch, tell, sell principle) we then set up the campaign structure. That way, we can report efficiently and change creatives flexibly at any time.

3. At the same time we set up media buying strategies, including programmatic (see also media buying) and start daily monitoring and optimisation, with which we carry out direct performance-based adjustments.

Optimised both manually and automatically every day, thanks to the use of powerful algorithms.

Search, Display and Creation: the ultimate combination

Based on search questions we segment consumers according to the stage in their orientation or decision-making process. We integrate this data into our display campaigns so that advertisements fit the needs of the consumer perfectly at that specific time.

In addition to data from Search we also ensure we build up data on site visitors, so that we know whether we are dealing with prospects or existing clients.

In addition to the relevant opportunities for one-to-one communication aimed at a specific (product) offer, this approach offers numerous retention, cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Dynamic Creatives

Based on all of the available data, we develop dynamic creatives that automatically load the various propositions at product level and combine them with the right calls-to-action. By personalising in this way, we provide more effective and efficient campaigns.

The backup our clients are looking for when they are building on good cases, through the most advanced online advertising channels.

Just what you’re looking for?

Looking for more return on display advertising and RTB? High time to map actual impressions (rather than mapping everything including the unseen ‘Below the Fold’) as KPIs? Would you like to know more about attribution modelling, dynamic creatives or other display specialisms?

Come and check us out – even if your organisation is still only in an orientation phase. You are always welcome to visit us in Den Bosch or Amstelveen.

Fill in the contact form, e-mail info@searchresult.nl or call +31 (0)73 6811 007.


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